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Using Wall Sconces To Subconsciously Direct People

July 27th, 2012 | Posted by elizabethr in wall sconce lighting

Here’s a fascinating tidbit of information for you: Did you know that you can actually use your lighting choices to direct your customers without them even knowing what’s happening? You can – with nothing more than the proper choices in wall sconces. It’s simply a matter of using ingrained human preferences for your benefit. Find out how here and then apply these techniques immediately.

People are naturally drawn to well-lit spaces; they gravitate towards the light ad avoid darkness. This probably stems from an evolutionary need to be able to see predators approaching in the distance or to be able to stalk prey – and thus eat for the day. No one is suggesting that your clients are stalking their prey, but you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Use bright decorative wall sconces to subconsciously direct folks to the main attraction area, while keeping the less important (or slightly unprepared) portions of your establishment in the dark with fewer and dimmer wall sconces. This will move the masses to where you need them to be and keep them from where you would prefer they not investigate without having to give any direction whatsoever.

Brilliant! And so easy!

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