Crystal and Wrought Iron Chandeliers!

Here’s a fascinating tidbit of information for you: Did you know that you can actually use your lighting choices to direct your customers without them even knowing what’s happening? You can – with nothing more than the proper choices in wall sconces. It’s simply a matter of using ingrained human preferences for your benefit. Find out how here and then apply these techniques immediately.

People are naturally drawn to well-lit spaces; they gravitate towards the light ad avoid darkness. This probably stems from an evolutionary need to be able to see predators approaching in the distance or to be able to stalk prey – and thus eat for the day. No one is suggesting that your clients are stalking their prey, but you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Use bright decorative wall sconces to subconsciously direct folks to the main attraction area, while keeping the less important (or slightly unprepared) portions of your establishment in the dark with fewer and dimmer wall sconces. This will move the masses to where you need them to be and keep them from where you would prefer they not investigate without having to give any direction whatsoever.

Brilliant! And so easy!

How To Choose and Hang a Crystal Chandelier

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise what a crystal chandelier can do for a foyer. A plain and otherwise utilitarian part of a house or restaurant can become a dazzling and opulent center of attention. If a crystal chandelier is sized and hung correctly it will lend just the right touch of elegance without being obtrusive or gaudy. If , however, a chandelier is improperly sized or installed, the results can be anywhere from underwhelming to downright disastrous. A  finely crafted crystal chandelier won’t be viewed properly if it sits too high up on a two story ceiling. Likewise your fixture will be obtrusive and unwieldly if it hangs too close above people’s heads.

The solution then is to follow a relatively simple formula for determining chandelier height and size.

In general, you can add the dimensions of your room together and come up with a size (in inches) of the circumference of the chandelier. For example, if your room is 12×15 then you’ll need a 27″ chandelier to appropriately fill the space. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but if a client requests a chandelier but is vague about specifics then this is a good working guide.

Sometimes hanging a fixture seven feet is considered appropriate for a crystal chandelier in a foyer. Though situations may demand they be placed a little higher but never lower.

Wall Sconce Lighting as Wall Art

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There’s something to be said for well designed, well placed wall sconce lighting. It isn’t just there to light the way (although as its main function, it does this wonderfully), but it can also be used as a work or wall art. Sconces can be truly beautiful and diverse in style.  The style choice and placement can really change everything for a room.

A typical choice in wall sconce lighting is just lining them up down a hallway. But why not get more creative with it? Pair a couple together, or have them slightly askew instead of perfectly aligned.  Give greater space between sconces than you might have originally planned or place them closer together. Get creative with it and you might be surprised at how well it works.

Choosing a style can leave you with a lot of options, with everything from modern to nature-themed, classic and romantic to sleek and futuristic. Each sconce can be a piece of art in its own and can really draw the eye of customers, guests, employees, and whoever else will be in and out of said building.

Bring wall sconce lighting into your design plans as not just for it’s lighting, but for it’s aesthetic value as well.

Styles of Chandeliers

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Chandeliers come in a variety of styles, all of which, you as a contractor will want to be familiar with. You don’t want to just know the  styles that you have to work with but you want to know about how each works well within a different setting.

Crystal chandeliers are the most popular choice and they really make a dazzling statement. They truly have an air of high class and luxury. They work well in a lot of different rooms but you need to make sure that everything else is just as big and beautiful.  You don’t want a high end looking lighting piece in an otherwise casual setting.

Modern, or contemporary, chandeliers  are popular for places trying to have a more clean, stream lined look. For hotels, stores, and other buildings looking to embrace a unique attitude; these kinds of chandeliers have great appeal and often are conversation starters.

Rustic chandeliers are great for places that want to have a old, traditional look that embraces nature. These work well for lodges and other such places that want a simplistic, great outdoors sort of style.

Having all of these at your disposal can really help with your contracting jobs so that you’ll be prepared no matter what kind of chandelier a client wants.

A high end store needs to have the image that the products they sell are luxurious. Even if it is already a well-known designer brand, the store should reflect the kind of company they are. When working on such a project crystal chandeliers can be a good choice to finish off the look.

A lot of big name stores along 5th Avenue and other main luxury shopping areas showcase chandeliers in their design. It’s the kind of look that gets customers into the store and gets them talking about it after the fact. They work well to greet the guests as they walk in but also can be used to showcase a specific line of clothing or products.

There are a lot of different styles of crystal chandeliers, from traditional Venetian to more modern drop chandeliers. Shapes are going to matter when it comes to ceiling height and room size. You don’t want a chandelier that hangs too low in a place with a low ceiling, or one that looks too small in a very large space.

Working with chandeliers in a retail store can be a really neat way to give customers a unique shopping experience. Suggesting this to your clients, as far as lighting goes, can work to your benefit.

Wall Sconce Lighting Is An Affordable Alternative

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If you are trying to complete a project that is going to require a lot of lighting, installing a ton of Venetian chandeliers may be too costly to you or the person commissioning the job. But wall sconce lighting can be beautiful and just as helpful. Being smaller, it’ll be more cost efficient. You can use several sconces along the walls of a hallway or placed next to tables in restaurants.

Wall sconce lighting is also very versatile. Their positioning can be played with a bit more than a chandelier. They can work for a very luxurious aesthetic, but do well in a more casual atmosphere as well. That’s because they are small and not overbearing. They light the way but they mostly aren’t overly ornate. They are also very easy to string together so that they all can be turned on with a flip of a switch. They can still have their own individual switches as well, so it gives you a lot more  choice in the wiring set up of your lighting.

Don’t settle with just chandeliers; wall sconces can help as well as save you some money in the long run. Consider them as an alternative to the chandeliers you may be used to installing.

Venetian Crystal Chandeliers Should Always Be a Choice

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As a lighting contractor, it is important that you have the perfect lighting pieces to satisfy clients and complete the job. When it comes to chandeliers, you should always have Venetian chandeliers as an option.  They are such classic pieces, with a shape and style that are recognized by everyone. Even people who don’t know much about lighting can recognize a Venetian chandelier when they see one.

There are a lot of clients who will want Venetian chandeliers for their end result. It is a popular choice in decor because it is the most classic. It tends to be a big go to for hotels, especially those with large lobbies or ballrooms and conference halls. It is also very popular in the casino line, for the bigger, classier casinos looking to give a luxurious experience.

Venetian chandeliers can range from the smallest of styles to huge, sprawling designs that really turn into the centerpiece of the room. From gold to pewter, real candles to electric, there are so many different choices with these kind of chandeliers that you should always be able to offer a few choices.  And installation is easy enough that you can be worry free once you get it up there.

Crystal Chandeliers For Any Project You Work On

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It’s important, as a lighting contractor, to be able to provide the best sort of lighting for your clients in terms of their project.  When it comes to crystal chandeliers, they expect truly exquisite pieces, ones that are going to last for a good long time and that are going to fit perfectly with what they are looking for. Whether a hotel, a casino, or any other major business, you want to bring about a sort of decor that they expect.

Working with a company like Lighting by Baron can help you get your hands on some beautiful crystal chandeliers and other lighting pieces that will help you finish your project as expected. Everyone has a vision as to how such a project should look in the end and you should be able to provide it. That’s why Lighting by Baron is so invested in what they do, because they want to make sure that the end results really shine, literally and figuratively.

It’s as easy as giving them a call or contacting them through their website about what you need for your project. Give the kind of great design that your clients expect with some great lighting and great visuals.

Make Things Fantastical With a Chihuly Chandelier

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Lighting doesn’t have to be boring, by any means. There’s no written rules that your choice has to be more classic or fit within a specific mold. Choosing a Chihuly chandelier may be just what your hotel needs. If you are looking to create a more magical sort of feeling, a little more fun and a little more surreal, a piece by this glass artist may be perfect.

These are not your ordinary style of chandelier. They are very out there and fanciful, which makes sense if you know a bit about the artist who creates them. Don Chilhuly has been creating beautiful glass sculptures since the 60s. It was only more recently that he stopped and guided other artists to take over for him, after a body surfing accident that dislocated his shoulder. He’s still very directly involved in the process of his works, after all, they have his name on it!

Choosing a Chihuly chandelier takes time, especially because there are so many beautiful designs that are each unique. But it will bring awe to every guest who enters your hotel. Nobody sees glass work like this and walks away without talking about it or taking pictures to show off!

Wall Sconce Lighting Is Simple and Affordable

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Looking for lighting for your establishment can be a bit of a long-winded process. There are so many factors that go into it; style, price, size, and installation. You may have been thinking about larger ceiling lights or floor lamps, but you don’t want to go way over budget or look like there’s just too much going on in one space.

Wall sconce lighting is a great choice because it is an affordable option to lighting up an entire space. You can buy multiple to cover the area you need to without breaking the bank. And designs are simple and elegant, without being overbearing. It’ll be just the right amount of sophistication for your decor.

Installing wall sconce lighting is also very easy and can be done yourself without a hitch. It’s a lot better than trying to get a chandelier on the ceiling if you don’t have the experience in doing so. They are also a lot smaller, easy to reach and therefore a lot easier to keep clean and dust free.

Don’t pass up wall sconces when looking at lighting options. They may be the best choice you can make for your business. The change in decor will be satisfying!